We produce casts from ductile cast iron using highly accurate sand casting technology. We cast and machine cylinder liners for diesel engines.

Ductile cast iron foundry plant

since 1913
Annual capacity
6750 tons

We make castings from ductile cast iron owing to its accuracy, and when combined with sand casting technology, it offers customers a suitable alternative to castings made using accurate (die) casting. Our products are mainly used in the production of passenger and commercial cars and rail transport.


Casting technology:
Metal is cast statically into bentonite mixtures in the following quality: ductile cast iron in accordance to EN 1563

Optimal weight of the cast pieces:
0.1–2 kg

Technical specifications and tolerances of our castings:
Roughness: Ra 25µm max.
Machining allowances: 2 mm (may vary with casting).
Foundry tolerances: from DCTG 8 in accordance with ISO 8062

Technological equipment:
Medium-frequency furnace ABB 2 × 30 FS
Maintenance pre-furnace 6.3 t
Two automatic molding machines, DISAMATIC 2110 Mk2 with a dividing vertical plane. Molding frame dimensions: 400 × 500 × 315 mm
The kernels are manufactured on core shooter machines using the HOT-BOX method
MPI — available at the factory
RTG (available externally for sampling)
Analysis and simulation: SW MAGMA
Measurement: 3D laser scanning

Our castings can be used in:
Automotive industry (parts for air-conditioning compressors or engine components), commercial vehicles (valve system outriggers), railway wagons, etc.

Ductile cast iron casting workshop

since 1996
Annual production
over 2 million pieces

Technological equipment:
MAZAK CNC lathes
CHIRON, OKUMA CNC milling centers
Rössler Abrading machine
Measurement: 3D ZEISS laser scanning

Cylinder liner production

since 1967
Annual production
630 thousand pieces

We cast and machine diesel engine cylinder liners for major global brands of trucks, buses and large agricultural machinery (Scania, AGCO, MMZ, Zetor etc.). Our cylinder liners owe their unique mechanical and material properties to our manufacturing technology, which is reflected positively in the parameters of our customer’s engines.


Casting technology:
Our metal is cast with centrifugal casting and a sand mold.

Cast weight:
Up to 16 kg

Dimensions of the final parts:
outer diameter max. 155 mm, inner diameter min. 90 mm / max. 131 mm, max. length 305 mm

Application of our cylinder liners:
Diesel engines for trucks, buses and tractors.

Technological equipment:
Low frequency WSW furnaces
Casting pre-furnace INVR 3.2 t.
12-position casting carousel
Machining lines comprising HYUNDAI HIT, SP 30 CNC and HAAS CNC lathes, NAGEL robotic WHS stations and honing equipment.

Quality system

We control material quality using MAGELLAN Q8 spectrometers. Mechanical tests of individual castings are conducted using a UTSE-TS1 tension testing machine and HECKERT hardness testers. The quality of the forming mixture is inspected at a sand laboratory. For metallographic tests, which are conducted visually or using LECO image analysis, we are equipped with ZEISS and OLYMPUS microscopes and an electron HITACHI TM3030Plus microscope.

Casting rack inspections are conducted magnetoscopically with a MINIMAG 500 machine. Surface and under-surface defects of the cylinder liners are inspected using the vortex current method from IBG. Dimensions are inspected with ZEISS 3D measuring machines using touch or laser scanning. If a 100% inspection of individual parts during production is required, we use Amest or Aeropan measuring stations.

The quality of our entire production is ensured under certified quality and environment systems in accordance with the IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

BIT certifications were granted by LLOYD'S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE.


Jiří Voplakal

Phone +420 493 500 862

Ing. Daniel Grzych
Trade director

Phone +420 602 103 688

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