Tooling shop

We produce modeling equipment, molds and tools for our own company and many satisfied customers.

Tool shop

We employ modern CNC technology as well as classic machinery to process steel, cast iron, precious metals and plastic materials. Our services meet the needs of our company and custom production for external partners. We produce modeling equipment, kernels, punches, dies, bending machines, follow-on tools, as well as control, machining and welding tools. For external customers, we mainly produce gravity dies and low pressure and pressure molds for casting aluminum alloys.


CNC Machining
Our manufacturing process uses various CNC milling centers, including MCV 750 SPEED, MCV 1000 SPEED, MCV 1270 SPEED, MCFV 1680 CNC lathes, Masturn 32 CNC and MT 550i CNC. After installation of a NIKEN 5 AX-350 tilting and rotating table, we can continuously machine in 4 or 5 axes with the MCFV 1680 machine. We use HAIMER power clamps to thermally fasten tools to their respective holders. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can also apply interoperation annealing in an electric resistance furnace.

We use Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, and HSM Works to create CAD / CEM data.

Wire cutting
Wire cutting helps to produce the complex and demanding shapes of quenched materials with the required precision.

Classic machining
We use lathes, milling machines and horizontal and center grinders for classic mechanical machining. Materials are cut with a 380+SAF saw. For deep hole drilling, we use the proven WHN9B and WH10NC horizontal boring machines with the option of adding supplementary technology.

Electro-erosive workshop
Using electro-erosion, we produce and form the final shapes of quenched materials that cannot be produced using CNC.

Manual workshop
At our manual workshop, we finalize assembly and operations on dies, pressure molds, modeling equipment, punches, benders and preparations using a VT 600 threading machine with an articulated arm, or for processing functional surfaces, the ENESKA 3-2 grinding and polishing system.


Milan Votrubec
Head of department FMN

Phone +420 773 959 715


Oldřich Kaska

Phone +420 603 178 912


David Havránek
CNC Programmer & Purchasing

Phone +420 602 253 135

Martin Chaloupský Bc.
CNC Programmer

Phone +420 493 500 605


Pavel Křelina
Quality Controller

Phone +420 493 500 894


Jiří Drbohlav

Phone +420 606 082 457

Miroslav Hanuš
Production Foreman

Phone +420 773 959 711


Alena Kosinová
Invoicing + purchasing

Phone +420 493 500 604

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